Sweeps Judge’s Report on the 14th Specialty Show April 1, 2001

In Judging the puppy sweepstakes, I looked for balance, substance and shape, bearing in mind the purpose for which the Irish Wolfhound was originally intended. At the same time, while excusing vagaries of puppy behavior I felt that a minimal amount of stable conduct was essential. A wolfhound that is correct in shape will normally move with strength and drive, and this I found to be the case.


Puppy Dog 6-9 Months

1st Carrickaneena Solas – Best balanced, with a strong neck, proper length of upper arm, a good forechest, nice length of back, low hocks and the best tail carriage in the class. I liked his sweeping curves and easy movement.

2nd O’Lugh’s Timeless Edition – Beautiful head and expression. Great coat and feet. Moved out well. Not as nice in shoulder as the winner and lacked his curves. Tail carriage high.

3rd Carrickaneena Saoirse – Lacked the rear strength of the previous two. Nice head and harsh black coat. Shape more flat. Curly tail.

4th Ansa Thadior Eoin Mctaz – Also an attractive head. Good bone. Not as strong in front and rear. Shorter upper arm and more flat in topline.


Puppy Dog 9-12 Months

1st Houndhouse Supernatural Bob – Good bone and grey brindle coat. Flat ears. Straight both ends and could use longer upper arm. Movement not easy and active.

Puppy Dogs 12-15 Months

1st Tomahawkes Apach Honwe – Lovely flowing lines, neck into shoulders exceptional. Attractive brown eyes and expression, correct angulation front and rear. Good forechest. My best puppy in sweeps by virtue of substance, strength and movement.

2nd Wolfhaven Soul Man – Another strong dog with good muscle and bone. Shorter in upper arm. Topline more flat. Strong rear but steeper croup. Less balance overall made his movement less easy.

3rd Carrickaneena Neal Briary – Attractive head and expression. Good black coat. Failed to above in topline, which dipped behind withers, and lack of extension in movement.

4th Carroy Flynn O’Duniho – Would like more bone for this size. Topline and tail carriage not good. Maturity may help with lack of balance and substance.

Puppy Dogs 15 – 18 Months

1st Caraglen Berwyck Imago – This is a dog that will surely benefit from maturity, as he needs to grow into his head and solid bone. Nice harsh red brindle coat. Good withers and hindquarters. Carried his tail high, but this could have come from his exuberant temperament which was a pleasure to see.

2nd Carrickaneena Stoirm – Another puppy at a bad stage of development. More angles than curves, could use more breath and scope. A little steep in the whithers. Good feet. Movement less easy.

3rd Redtops Shaillish – Less balance than above. Upper arm shorter and straighter. Better tail carriage.

4th Karn’s Wyllym of Erinwood – Nice head and expression Straight both ends. Croup steep and bad tail carriage. Lack of muscle in rear does not help.

Puppy Bitches 6- 9 Months

1st Coleraine Rosslare Int’l Flair – Good balance and beautiful low hocks. Nice forechest. Exceptional rosed ears, dark with her light coat. Expression and eye color not the best. Coat a little soft. Good, easy movement.

2nd O’Luch’s Front Paige Story – Also a good moving puppy. Better in head and coat than above, but failed to her in shape and topline, which was soft. A little long in loin. Also attractive low hock.

3rd Ansa Tatiana Liadain – Good balance and nice angulation. Both ends not as well balanced as the two above so it was difficult to assess movement.

4th Karontara Starkeeper Charlston – Would like more substance and better angulation in front. Head and ear less attractive . Moved out well considering straight shoulders and short rear area.


Puppy Bitches 9 – 12 Months

1st Stoneybrook Kamiah – Good balance and movement (when she finally settled). Attractive head, expression, harsh coat. Good forechest. Feet better than most. Lost out in the end as her lack of assurance hampered her ease of movement.

2nd Brimstone Belladonna – Another attractive type with strong bone and good shape. Failed to the above in length of neck and upper arm.

3rd Taliesin’s Aingeal Dara Bree – A different shape from the first two. Balance not as even as she could use more leg. Attractive head and expression. Good front. Moved well, but shorter stride.

4th Houndhouse Genesis – Another strong, attractive bitch but less curvy front and rear. Her outline was spoiled by high tail carriage when moving. All four bitches placed in this class had pleasing eyes, which was not always the case today.


Puppy Bitches 12- 15 Months

1st. Rosslare’s Coleraine Enya – Excellent balance and movement. Attractive head and expression, good black coat. Nice feet. Hard to fault. Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweeps. Not quite the sweeping lines.

2nd Hound Hill Hope of Wolfhaven – a good, strong bitch with good forechest. Might be a better wolf killer than the one above, but failed to her in length and angle of upper arm was probably not as swift to catch the wolf. A little steep in whithers.

3rd Wolfhavens Body and Soul – Similar to number two, but not quite as good balance. Both of these two had attractive, dark eyes.

4th Tomahawke’s Amulet of Honweh – Also an attractive bitch, but not as well angulated as the above and a little shorter in leg. Steep in croup. Nice low hocks.


Puppy Bitches 15-18 Months

1st Caraglen Elizabeth – Nicely balanced red brindle with good curves and layback of shoulder. Good, harsh coat.

2nd Carrickaneena Sorcha – Also a nicely-balanced tall bitch that I first thought would win the class. But her movement though free, was hampered by a large bursa on her elbow, and it was difficult to properly assess. Not quite as well set-on shoulder as above.

3rd Nightwing Houndhouse Ali Cat – Attractive head and expression. Could be more angulated in front. Outline spoiled by high tail carriage.

4th Carrickaneena Slainte JC – Lacking in bone and shape. Front straight, and no forechest. High tail.

Thank you for having me as a judge. I enjoyed the assignment and graciousness of the club members and exhibitors.