Judge’s Report on the 14th Specialty Show, April 1st & 2nd, 2001

The kindness and generosity of spirit shown me by both the Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club and the exhibitors was greatly appreciated, as was the help of both my stewards.

To judge in such a beautiful district will remain with me always, so too will the impression of many of the hounds exhibited.

It was some five years previously that I judged in America and have noticed some changes in the breed. On the plus side, heads and particularly ears, which are a very important part of the breed type, have improved dramatically, as have feet and coats. Length of leg has greatly improved and particularly noticeable in some kennels, power, (not bulk) is evident.

Temperaments are definitely better, though to relax vigilance would be fatal. Neither shy nor highly excitable are correct. Two issues that need addressing are toplines which are flat in too many hounds, and upright shoulders, with short upper arms. Without correcting these the true gazehound is unable to fulfill its function.

The final thoughts are there were more males that had much to offer the breed. That shows how dedicated so many of you must be.


Puppy Dog 6-9 Months

1st Andrea & Michael Dormady’s – O’Lugh’s Timeless Edition Dark grey brindle with beautifully proportioned head and correct expression. Plenty of depth to chest and width through the body. Dense clean bone with good feet. Strong well angulated hindquarters. Promising puppy that was the soundest moving in the class.

2nd Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan’s – Carrickaneena Saoirse A quality puppy with lovely head and dark expressive eyes. Good bone. A little stuffy in shoulders. Very good width and length of body. A very attractive baby that spoilt his outline with standing by tucking his rear under himself.

3rd Barbara K. Kunkel – Kellcastle’s Silver Spoon Big strong wheaten with correct harsh coat and strong masculine head. At the growing stage of presenting angles instead of curves. Plenty of substance and good depth of chest. Strong hindquarters. An imposing puppy despite his feet not being his fortune.

4th John & Maureen English & Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan’s – Carrickaneena Solas Red with good coat littermate to second. Shorter on the leg than those above, with nice length of body and well angulated hindquarters. Needs more arch over loin. Looks unbalanced.


Puppy Dog 9-12 Months

1st S. McCrossan & K. Koller – Houndhouse Supernatural Bob Strong dark grey brindle with harsh coat. Has the correct top line. Presented in excellent condition. Good bone and sound feet. Presented a picture that he could hunt. Would like ear carriage to be better. Moved with purpose.

2nd Stephanie Smith – Taliesin’s Logan Lovely puppy with good head and expression. Plenty of width through the body. Strong loin and well angulated hindquarters. Not the shoulder placement of 1st. Moved Soundly.

3rd Rita & Leanne Simms – Redtops Kensington of Rianne Smaller light grey and cream brindle with a really beautiful head, ears and expression. Finer in bone than those above and though was pleasing standing did not move out as those above.

4th Cynthia Ledbetter’s - Taliesin’s Lucas Ruadhan Same sire as second. Beautifully proportioned head and correctly placed and folded ears. Good bone. Good length of body and depth of chest. Plenty of first but lacks second thigh. Did not move out correctly.


Dogs 12 – 18 Months

1st Robert & Gretchen Bernardi – Caraglen Berwyck Imago An outstanding red brindle who offers much that is lacking in the breed today. Presented in hard condition, sporting long gleaming muscles. Excellent top and underline. Strong hindquarters with correct length to first and second thigh. Plenty of width over the croup. Pleasing lines from head to tail. Lovely temperament. He exuded power, but not at the expense of ability.

2nd Jeffrey Pline & Robin & Mike Pline – Tomahawkes Apach Honwe Another big fellow of great promise. Very attractive light red brindle with lovely head and expression. Excellent bone and good feet. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Sweeping hindquarters which he used with purpose. Unfortunate to meet the above. A hound with great promise.

3rd Michael O’Brien & Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan – Carrickaneena Stoirm Light grey brindle with pleasing head and good ears. Nice strong bone and good feet, though a little straight in pastern. Very good depth and width of body, lacks sufficient width to second thigh. Moved soundly.

4th Rosemary E. Wortman – Redtops Shaillish A finer specimen than those above. Pretty head with lovely expression and excellent rose ears. Plenty of bone for size. Good feet. Correct coat and well angulated hindquarters. Too straight in the shoulder so could not cover the ground on the move.


Novice Dogs

1st Glynis Littlewood - Rosslare’s Sandor A big strong male that reminded me of some of the Sulhamstead hounds. Lovely balanced head with good expression. In excellent condition, this fellow used his hindquarters and low hocks to really cover the ground. Very strongly muscled loin. All his parts fitted smoothly so presented a picture of strength and balance.

2nd Samantha Swann – Niagra Zack Aerie of Eagle One with a beautiful head, ears rosed and dark expressive eyes. Good bone, nice feet. Well laid shoulders and plenty of length of body. Although shown in a little on the tubby side, which detracted from his overall shape.

3rd Kimberly & Austin Schaffter – Armaitiu Xazz-Ma-Tazz Tall stylish hound with lovely head and ears. Plenty of length to body but not sufficient width. Good bone. At an in-between stage. Has plenty of time to improve and muscle up.

4th Robert & Estelle Flynn – Jesseans Turlough of Erin In excellent condition. Has plenty of width through body, but lacks length to muzzle and second thigh. Moved Soundly.


Bred By Exhibitor Male

1st Judith & Lynn M. Simon – Stoneybrook Kovu A beautiful quality dark grey male that is destined for stardom. Love his breed type. Sweeping curves from head to tail. Excellent length of leg and good feet. Good width throughout the body. Correct coat.

2nd Bev & Sue Stobart & Gretchen Bernardi – Berwyck Caraglen Coeur De Lion. Another impressive male from the same stable as my winner of the 12-18 month class with the same virtues, especially the construction and power. I certainly would trust him to perform well in the field. I particularly liked his length of leg and the shapely head with lovely expressive eyes.

3rd George Adams & Pam Paloma – Arannwood Viking Liked the head on this male and his front. Has plenty of bone, length and depth of body, good coat, but needs more length and width to second thigh.

4th Peg Carty & Shelly Kunkel – Joncarra’s Lord Galen II A smaller male than those above, however placed because of his ability to really cover the ground and show off his virtues. Correct coated wheaten with lovely head. Good sweep and width to first and second thigh. Needs a little more length of leg to balance length of body.


American Bred Dogs

1st Diane Camel & Kenneth Neff & Dawn Fincher – Merefield Anikem O’Beltane A dark red bindle with great coat. Not the prettiest of heads. Good forechest, bone and feet. Plenty of substance. Width to first thigh but needs more length and sweep to second. Loved his strength and ability to cover the ground so was interested that he was sired by my 12-18 month old winner's sire.

2nd Joseph Passarelli – Amroth Caballero Substantial hound with attractive head, but needs more depth of muzzle. Ear carriage and eye expression good. Good bone. Failed to please on topline. Moved soundly and was sympathetically handled to show the best of himself.

3rd Donna DiStefano – Kindred Brahm Good head. Plenty length of leg and one of few hounds to have a really good tuck up . Hindquarters need more sweep to second thigh. Standing presented well, but moving platted in front.

4th Ben Dwyer & Tracey O’Connor – Taliesin’s Luaiocht Best head in his class. Beautiful expression, good bone. Excellent coat. Another needing a better top line. Did not move well.

Open Dog

1st Robert & Gretchen Bernardi – Berwyck V.S.O.P. Tall, strong masculine dog with great bone, lovely forehand and shoulder. Stood over plenty of ground. Excellent coat. Strong loin. Good length and breadth to hindquarters. Low set hocks. Would like ears to have better muscling. Not quite as classic as my B.O.W. but he certainly has a presence. RESERVE WINNERS DOG

2nd E.A. Bono & G. & B. Darmron – Ancupla Armaitiu Corcra Gael B.J. Very attractive black with quality head and dark eyes. Sufficient bone, good feet. Strong top line but not the underline of the first. Good hindquarters and low set hocks. Moved soundly but lacked the drive and strength of first.

3rd Jacqueline Karpinski & Jurgen Rosner – Fortune Race Coolio A massive dog of size and substance. Masculine head, but stuffy in neck. Outline spoilt by being slightly over weight. Strong throughout. Plenty of virtues including steady temperament.

4th Shelly Kunkel – Kellcastle Chocolate Ribbon Grey brindle of size with good coat. Plenty of bone. Good forechest and body. Not enough tuck up or second thigh. Moved soundly but no reach, failed to cover the ground.


Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months

1st George Adams & Pam Paloma – Arannwood Venus A very feminine red brindle with a good head and ears and the most expressive dark eyes. Good front with nice length of upper arms. Something that is lacking in many hounds. Correct top line, strong well angulated hindquarters. A very promising puppy that moved right out.

2nd Andrea & Michael Dormady – O’Lugh’s Front Paige Story Lovely head and expression. Plenty of length and width to body, also good bone and well knuckled feet. Shorter on the leg than the first, but this could change in one so young. Lovely temperament. Used her strong hindquarters and drove off her hocks.

3rd Maura High & Glynis Littlewood – Coleraine Rosslare Int’l Flair An upstanding wheaten with good coat. Certainly has a presence that will benefit her greatly as she matures. Feminine head with perfect carriage and good expression. Hope that her muzzle lengthens. Strong well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly, but little upright in shoulder at present.

4th Jo D Wallace Burnham – O’Lugh Book of Maelbrigte A wheaten with long strong neck. Has plenty of substance and nice bone, but is a little too long in the loin, which spoils her outline. Strong hindquarters. Moved soundly.


Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months

1st Judith A. & Lynn M. Simon – Stoneybrook Kamiah Beautiful dark grey feminine bitch of quality. Lovely front with good fore chest and long upper arm. Plenty of depth of chest and width through the body. Sweep and width of through the body. Sweep and width to hindquarters. Lovely underline. Needs more arch over loin, but she is at the age of growing that I can forgive this and reward her for her gazehound characteristics. BEST PUPPY

2nd Laurie & Loren Morris – Brimstone Belladonna A huge powerful bitch, bordering on the masculine. The breed needs the strength and power, but this can be achieved in smaller more feminine animals. However, her lovely underline and top line, good hindquarters and low hocks, could note be denied. Little straight in pastern. Really moved out.

3rd David & Donna Smith – Taliesin’s Leanaim An Taibhreamh A really feminine rangy bitch with lovely head and expression. Good bone, but feet need to tighten. Beautiful shape standing, however did not fulfill her promise on the move. A quality puppy . which I prefer in type to above.

4th Donita Osborne & Susan Andrews – Wolfhavens Body & Soul Litter sister to the above and has similar virtues, except not the length of leg. Lovely hindquarters and good bone. Moved soundly


Bitches 12-18 Months

1st Bev & Sue Stobart – Caraglen Elizabeth Substantial red brindle with beautiful outline. One that could keep going on tough terrain. Powerful sweeping hindquarters, correct coat and lovely bone. Another from this breeding that has muscle. Powered around the ring.

2nd Pamela & James Paloma – Erinwood Opera Another bitch with size and substance and strong hindquarters, with enough width over the rear. Good bone and feet. Moved well but not with the drive of the above . Coat could be harsher.

3rd Donna Brown & Bonita Osborne – Hound Hill Hope of Wolfhaven Beautiful red bitch. One that took the eye. Lovely head and expression. Has depth of chest and length of body, not as mature as those above, but could easily change places in the future. A bitch with quality.

4th Donita Osborne & Susan Andrews – Wolfhavens Body and Soul Little sister to one above but shorter on the leg. Typical head and expression . Good bone and feet. Lovely angulated hindquarters. Good mover.


Novice Bitch

I regret to have to say I have lost my notes on this class, For which I apologize.

1st Judith A. & Lynn Simon, MD – Rathrahilly Stoneybrook

2nd Amy Benjamin & Doug Marx – Niagra River Aerie of Eagle

3rd David & Donna Smith – Taliesin’s Luas

4th Donna S. & Joseph C. Pitt – Calydoon Bellacoeur


Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches

1st Judith A. & Lynn Simon, MD – Stoneybrook Medora – Beautiful dark grey brindle with lovely head and expression. Good bone and feet. Correct top line and underline. Plenty of width through the body. Strong but unexaggerated hindquarters. Harsh coat. Presented a feminine picture with strength. Reserve Winner Bitch

2nd Glenn H. Myer – Kellykerry Betsy of Eagle – An impressive black bitch with a head and expression of exceptional beauty. Good bone and feel. Well place shoulders, strong well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly. Put down in excellent hard condition. Preferred the top line of the first.

3rd Amy Benjamin & Doug Marx – Niagra Mist Aerie of Eagle not the length of leg of those above and carrying too much weight. However, she has many virtues including a good shoulder, typical head and lovely expression. Strong well angulated hindquarters, which she used well.

4th Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin – Vicereine Aerie of Eagle I loved the head and gazehound qualities in this bitch, but penalized her for lack of width through the body. Good coat. Well angulated hindquarters. Needs substance and strength.

American-Bred Bitches

1st Judith A. & Lynn M. Simon, MD – Stoneybrook Jazz I would love to take this one home. Dark amber eyes of a huntress set into a well proportioned head with few face furnishings. Good ears. Beautiful shape when standing all curves and when moving held. The picture exuding power. Completely balanced body with everything fitting together. Handled and shown well

2nd M. Dentino & D. Chastain – Padraic Brie Strawberry Girl Dark grey with xxcellent coat. Head could be a little more feminine, but a powerful bitch that had a god top and underline. Plenty of sweep and width to both thighs. Very unlucky to meet the above, as she moved with great drive and presented good competition.

3rd Amy Benjamin & Doug Marx – Viceregal Aerie of Eagle Very pretty feminine bitch with clean bone and good feet. Curving hindquarters with width and muscle, low set hock, which she used when moving. Outline spoilt by absence of arch over the loin.

4th Bev & Sue Stobart – Slaine Caraglen Chance A big strong girl with good forehand. Good bone and body. Excellent coat and condition. Needs more length to second thigh. Moved without enthusiasm.


Open Bitch

1st Judith A. & Lynn M. Simon, MD – Stoneybrook Slaine Sophia A completely unexaggerated bitch whose parts fit smoothly together. Feminine but not fragile. Bone neither coarse or fine. She had a quiet dignity befitting a true gazehound and was put down in hard muscular condition. In my final line up for B.O.B. there were some dramatic hounds who caught the eye. However, although not completely lacking in fault, she appeared to have a balance of Greyhound like qualities and Wolfhound characteristics. BEST OF BREED

2nd Jacqueline Karpinski – Karn’s Mandolin of Eagle Slightly longer cast than first. One with great length and strength of neck. Big bitch with good bone and well muscled hindquarters. Lovely gazehound expression. Another first class bitch but not the shoulder placement of the above. Moved with purpose

3rd Robert & Gretchen Bernardi – Berwyck Serafina Delle Rose Another from this kennel with strength and power. This vital part of the equation is missing in so many hounds today. A big powerful bitch that has so much to offer. Wonderful body and hindquarters. Well set and carried tail. Good bone and harsh coat. Strong jaws and neck. However, I penalized her heavily for "toeing in": the influence from the standard directive requiring feet that turn neither in nor out, is that the weakness, would hinder a galloping hound in the field: For Serafina Rose probably in the long haul, but feel certain she could perform well in the short.

4th Amy M. Benjamin & Jurgen Rosner – Pitlochry’s Opal A high quality bitch with beautiful head and expression. Good length and width of body. Moved faultlessly. I liked almost everything about her. A shade less length of leg than those above. Very hard to place one of this caliber fourth. With four bitches with such divergent aspects of breeding, this class presented me the most difficulty.

Veteran Dog

1st David & Donna Smith – Am/Ger/Fin/ CH. Xanux Von Der Oelmuhle An upstanding six year old who is a great ambassador for the breed. Curves in the all the right places and able to cover the ground effortlessly. Possessed a gentle dignity befitting a true gazehoud. A quality hound who appears to have reproduced many of his virtues in American stock.

2nd Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan - DCH Nutstown Fear Mor of St. Douglaghs Substantial impressive male in wonderful condition with plenty of bone and substance. Showed and handled well. A credit to his owners.

3rd Rosemary E. Wortman – AM/Ch CH. Marumac Enchanter I would loved to have seen this popular eleven year old in his prime and though I appreciated his beautiful head expression and coat he no longer has strength in his rear.

4th Maura High & Peg Carty – CH. Joncarra Lord Liam Coleraine A lovely fellow with such a kind expression. Plenty of bone and substance. He moved soundly.


Veteran Bitch

1st S. McCrossan & K. Koller – CH. Brimstone Sorcery at Stoneybrook Seven year old dark grey brindle in wonderful hard condition who covered the ground effortlessly. Another of similar breeding to many of my main winners. An unexaggerated feminine bitch who I felt was still capable of hunting.

2nd Laurie & Loren Morris – Brimstone Seara – All credit to the breeder, to have two sisters of of such quality in the veteran class. Carrying less weight would have been beneficial as this one did not keep her outline on the move. Good bone, substance and coat.

3rd Tracey K. Higgins - FC U’Huigins Bradnain of Eagle sc Like all the bitches in this class, not showing her years. Moved out well.

4th Bambi Madsen Rabe – CH. Summerhill Enchanted Letter Still presenting herself with energy befitting a champion. No disgrace to be fourth. In good condition.


Best of Opposite B.O.B. Class

Laurie & Loren Morris & S Hedman – AM/CAN CH. Brimstone Briagh

When looking at my Best of Breed class several males attracted my Attention. Two had presence and were hard not to consider. All had the requisite size. Indeed there were some top class males. Seeking consistency of symmetry with my Best of Breed, I focused on Briagh. Like my Best of Breed he was overall sound and well balanced throughout except I would have preferred more length of leg. A five year old that showed no signs of weakness in body and kept his top line when moving. Reaching out in front and drawing from his powerful hindquarters and low set hocks. Irish Wolfhounds need to retain the ability to hunt, (it’s part of type) and therefore need soundness and balance without exaggeration.