2017 Specialty Show Photos 

2017 Specialty Show Photos


Specialty Results

Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs                                 Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches

Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Dogs                               Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches

12 to 15 Months Dogs                                       12 to 15 Months Bitches

15 to 18 Months Dogs                                       15 to 18 Months Bitches

Novice Dogs                                                      Novice Bitches

Amateur Owner Handler Dogs                             Amateur Owner Handler Bitches

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs                                      Bred By Exhibitor Bitches

American Bred Dogs                                          American Bred Bitches

Open Dogs                                                        Open Bitches

Winner's Dog                                                    Winner's Bitch

Reserve Winner's Dog                                        Reserve Winner's Bitch

Veteran Dogs                                                    Veteran Bitches

Best Of Breed                                                   Select Dog

Best Of Opposite                                               Select Bitch

Best Of Winners                                                Award Of Merit

Best Puppy                                                       Best Bred By Exhibitor

Stud Dog                                                          Brood Bitches

Brace                                                                Best Head

Obedience Trial

High In Trial                                                       CDX                                                   

Sweepstakes Results

6 to 9 month Puppy Dog Sweepstakes                6 to 9 Month Puppy Bitch Sweepstakes

9 to 12 Month Dog Sweepstakes                         9 to 12 Month Bitch Sweepstakes

12 to 15 Month Dog Sweepstakes                       12 to 15 Month Bitch Sweepstakes

15 to 18 Month Dog Sweepstakes                       15 to 18 Month Bitch Sweepstakes

Best in Sweepstakes                                          Best Opposite in Sweepstakes


Rally Competition